Our most complete rate
Total Comfort Cover. You’ll be covered in the event of a collision + Theft + Damages. WITH NO excess.
Full-full fuel return system. Forget refuelling: Pick up the car with the tank full.
Express pickup. Pick up your car without waiting and start your holidays as soon as possible.
Unlimited kilometrage with inspection.Enjoy your car hire with no limits.

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Just Go Rate

Make the most of your holiday with the Just Go rate, and forget about worries and unexpected incidents.

Also of special interest among the benefits of the Just Go rate is Total Comfort cover, our most comprehensive cover, which will cover you in the event of damages due to collision and theft, and in case of an accident or breakdown, you’ll have our premium roadside assistance service at your disposal.

In addition, so that you can start your holidays as soon as possible, we’ll deliver the vehicle with the fuel tank full, and thanks to the express pickup and return service also included in this rate, you won’t have to queue at the counter.

Total Comfort Cover

Our most complete cover with NO excess. Includes damages due to collision and theft, and premium roadside assistance, so that you’re covered for unforeseen circumstances and you can enjoy your holidays without any worries.

Full-full fuel return system

When you pick up your vehicle, we deliver it with a full tank of fuel, so you can start your trip without stopping to refuel. When you drop off the vehicle, you return it to us full and we’ll refund the deposit amount. That’s all there is to it!

Express pickup

Enjoy our preferential customer service. Be the first to be served at our counter, and pick up your hire car without queuing or waiting.

Unlimited kilometrage

With this unlimited kilometrage rate you can travel the distance you want in your hire car with no restrictions. In addition, to ensure driver safety, a compulsory free vehicle inspection is carried out every 2,000 or 3,000 km (depending on the office).

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