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Cheap car hire in Barcelona  


If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, and you’re looking for a safe, flexible option at the best price, look no further!  

Our cheap car hire in Barcelona is the perfect option if you want the freedom to get around the city at the best price. Furthermore, we have offices both at Barcelona Airport and at Sants Station, so you can choose whichever suits you best.  

And each week you can take advantage of the discounts and special deals offered on our website where you’ll find the best cars at the lowest prices, so you’ll only need to concern yourself with enjoying the city and being on the road.  

The best car hire deals in Barcelona 


As we’ve already said, whether you arrive in Barcelona by train or by air, we’re right there for you so that you can pick up your hire car in Barcelona at the very best price. Although you can of course book at one of our offices, if you make your booking via our website you’ll be able to choose from the wide range of vehicles in our fleet, take advantage of our great deals, forget about queues, and be able to explore the city at your leisure.  

Furthermore, there are lots of extras to choose from, to make sure that the car you hire is right for your needs: child seats, if you’re travelling with small children, a GoPad with accessible maps that don’t require a WiFi connection, games, express priority pick up, Cruce de Fronteras if you’re planning to cross the Spanish border and extend your trip into other countries, and our Cobertura Total Confort (Total Comfort Cover) To make sure that you can get around without putting limits on your trip.  


Travel safely at the best price 


In addition to our extensive fleet of vehicles that allows you to choose the type of car that best suits your trip needs, you can also take out our Total Comfort Cover, the most comprehensive insurance on the market which covers collision damage, theft, damage to tyres, wheel rims, mirrors, windows, locks, radio antenna, and battery.  And Premium Roadside Assistance is also included.  

So what are you waiting for? Jump onto our website right away to take advantage of our great car hire deals in Barcelona. With no intermediaries and the very best terms and conditions so that you can enjoy driving in the city safely and at your leisure.  


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