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FlexRent: Car rental in Malaga  

If you’d like to arrange a rental car for more than 15 days at the best price, our FlexRent rate is for you.  


A growing number of people are deciding to spend some time in Malaga, but they don’t have their own car and have to resort over and over again to public transport. If this is your situation, don’t think about it any longer, choose comfort and safety in your hire car. With the new FlexRent rate, renting a car for a long period of time is within your reach. Avoid unnecessary expenses and surprises moving around without timetables and with maximum comfort.  


At a time when mobility needs change from one day to the next, it’s necessary to increase flexibility. Choose car renting in Malaga and enjoy a new approach to car rental.


Would you like to travel safely in a rental car in Malaga?  


Discover another way of travelling and moving around thanks to flexible renting at Record go.  All our vehicles and branches follow rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols, which is why car rental has become one of the safest means of transport for those wishing to travel.  What’s more, there are lots of advantages to getting around Malaga in one of our flexible rental cars:    


  • Avoid crowds by travelling alone or with your family and friends.
  • Go where you want, when you want, without the need to use other means of transport.
  • Rent the car you need. Choose the type of vehicle which best suits you from our extensive fleet.
  • Choose the days you’re going to need the vehicle, and book at a fixed price.
  • Discover the new way of moving around in Malaga.


What does the FlexRent rate include?  


Total Comfort Cover    

It’s our most comprehensive cover. This excess-free cover includes damage due to accidents and theft and premium roadside assistance.  Drive your rental car with the peace of mind of our Total Comfort cover. 

100% free cancellation    

Book with the assurance that if your needs change, you can cancel your booking and be refunded the full amount up to 48 hours before the rental begins.  

Full-full fuel return system  

The vehicle’s fuel tank will be full when you pick it up, so you don’t need to worry about filling it yourself. If the tank is also full when you return the vehicle to us, we’ll refund you the amount you paid for the fuel. It’s that easy!  

Limited mileage  

With the FlexRent rental for private individuals, you can travel a maximum of 750 kilometres a month. In addition, we offer you packs in order to increase the daily kilometres, so nothing can slow you down.


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