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The gastronomic pleasure is booming indeed. We have always liked to go out to eat, yet this tendency has been growing more and more in recent years thanks to the numerous and wonderful offers that have been coming out lately.

The traditional food markets have reconverted themselves in order to enable customers to taste their products at the very market, accompanied with some drinks. And we are not only just talking about accommodating a few tables, chairs and terraces, but a transformation of the stands into actual bars with their own tapas and meals. It is rather hard to find restaurants where the market kitchen label has more sense than in these markets.

Along with these markets, the gastronomic markets have also flourished. These markets combine the traditional food markets with the spirit of the street food trucks, which are currently so trendy. These are actually leisure places where customers can enjoy activities and performances, yet the food has the leading role.

San Miguel Market

Located in the plaza with the name and very close from the Plaza Mayor, it stands out by its iron structure, with over one century of age. Without giving up the traditional market vocation, focused on the daily grocery shopping, it has bars where the customers can taste the stands’ products with a drink. The product quality, the product variety and the location have turned this place into one of the most touristic spots of the tapa scene in Madrid.

Address: Plaza San Miguel, s/n. 28005
Telephone number: +34-915-424-936
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 10am through 12am. Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am through 2am
Official website:

Mercado de San Miguel en MadridSan Fernando Market

Located in the Lavapies neighborhood and far away from other elitist offers—which is reflected in the prices. It is arguably the most authentic food market of the city, since it is where you can kind of experience the real neighborhood food market, as it is. Along with the traditional stands, we can also find bookstores, traditional craft stores and clothing stores. There are also cultural activities going on in the market regularly as well. It is actually not the most popular market out of the markets on this list, yet it is always jam packed.

Address: 41 Embajadores Street. 28012
Hours: Mondays from 9am through 2pm. Tuesday through Thursday from 9am through 11pm. Saturdays from 9am through 11pm and Sundays from 11am through 5pm.
Official website:

Mercado de San Fernando en LavapiesSan Idelfonso Market

While the aforementioned markets come from the food market concept, in this case we find a gastronomic market a la street food markets. Located in Fuencarral, it has three stories with as many as 18 gastronomic stands, three drink bars, numerous tables where you can lounge and two semi-covered terraces. Besides, it sure is a lively market where numerous thematic events such as cooking shows, city presentations or events related to culture, fashion and art are frequently held. We would highlight the supportive Wednesdays where, every week and thanks to an NGO, the place becomes a place where you can raise awareness and collect funds.

Address: 57 Fuencarral Street. 28004
Telephone number: +34-915-591-300
Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 10am through 12am and Fridays through Sundays from 10am through 2am.
Official website:

Mercado de San Idelfonso en MadridPlatea Madrid

It brags about being Europe’s biggest gastronomic leisure center and offers some of the best chefs in the current culinary scene. A culinary offer of great quality: it offers restaurants and tapas’ area as well as spectacles. The premises is almost 6000 square meters with accesses from Goya, Hermosilla and Marques Zurgena, distributed in two stories, three stalls and a sweet area. We suggest you to access from Goya in order to be able to enjoy its fruit stands, which are incredible in terms of both quality and variety.

Address: 5-7 Goya Street. 28001
Telephone Number: +34-915-770-025.
Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12pm through 12:30am. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays eves from 12pm through 2:30am
Official website:

platea madridEl Huerto de Lucas

It combines 100 % organic products (meaning those products that have not been treated with synthetic products such as pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers) with a canteen that serves an ecological and sustainable cuisine through the fresh product sold in the very market. The business works also as a platform of promotion for activities that raise awareness for a greater respect for the environment.

Address: 13 San Lucas Street. 28004
Telephone number: +34-915-135-466.
Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am through 8pm. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am through 12am. Sundays from 11am through 5pm.
Official website:

Huerto de LucasSan Antón Market

Located in the Chueca neighborhood, it has gone from a street flea market to a place of reference for gourmets. It combines quality products, including hard-to-find products from other stores in Madrid, with an area for tapas and a terrace, as well as a restaurant on the third floor with a menu that offers market kitchen, as it is supposed to. Also, it offers the famous “The San Anton’s kitchen cooking”, where you can choose a meat or fish product and you get it cooked at the restaurant accompanied with some sauces and garnish.

Address: 24 San Augusto Figueroa Street. 28004
Telephone numbers: +34-913-300-730.
Hours: First floor (traditional market) from Mondays through Saturdays from 10am through 10pm and Sundays from 10am through 3pm. Gastrobar from Mondays through Sundays from 10am through 12:30am. Second floor (cooking show/take away food) from Mondays through Sundays from 11am through 11pm. Third floor (terrace restaurant) from Mondays through Thursdays from 10am through 12am Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eves from 10am through 10am through 1:30am.
Official website:

Mercado de San AntonMadrid Productores

The Matadero Madrid (slaughterhouse) holds the last weekend of every month this food market where customers can actually buy from producers. It also has a tapa area where you can enjoy products and drinks offered by associated companies while listening to the background music. This place works also as home for workshops, courses and children activities.

Address: 9 Legazpi Plaza. 28045
Telephone number: +34-622-255-851
Next issues: April 30th and May 1st. May 28th and 29th. June 18th and 19th and September 25th, 2016.
Official website:

Madrid ProductoresMoncloa Market

This is a gastronomic leisure space in the university area. Nine gastronomic spots in a multifunctional space with three stories that offers a cultural calendar formed by workshops, exhibition and music performances.

Address: 10 Archipestre de Hite Street. 28015
Telephone number: +34-915-496-008.
Hours: open all week long from 8am through 12am. Holidays and holiday eves from 8am through 2am.
Official website:

Mercado MoncloaLa Buena Vida Market

This is a market of local farmers where, every Sunday, ecologic, homemade and local products are offered. Producers from all over the region, as well as thousands of customers, visit this unique market. Also workshops are given in order to recover the local tradition such as bread baking, cheese or beer making techniques. It has traditionally been located by the Rastro (Flea Market), yet from April 17th, 2016 it is trying to find a brand new location.

Telephone number: +34-915-496-008.
Official website:

Mercado La Buena VidaBarceló Market

The last to arrive. From late 2015, the second floor of the Barcelo Market has rebranded under the name of Cooking Barcelo. We are here talking about a business proposal with a tasting area, where you can still do your grocery shopping at the traditional stands, not only that, you will also be able to eat and drink something. This business was born with the philosophy of offering popular prices, just like those offered at your local market.

Address: 6 Barcelo Street. 28004
Telephone number: +34-914-475-550.
Hours: Monday through Friday from 9am though 9pm. Saturdays from 9am through 3pm.
Official website:


Cooking Barcelo

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