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In the Marina Baja region, in Alicante, among crops, valleys and mountains, we find a little corner with a lot in common with Majorca, just about as much as with the Valencian Community; its name is Taberna.

Tárbena, en Alicante

Taberna, in Alicante

To get to Tarbena, you have to definitely go on purpose because it is not part of any tourist guide. Getting there means getting closer to Majorca. The use of the Valencian language with Balearic accent, the use of “sa” instead of “la” or the manufacturing of the homemade Majorcan sausage and pastry are some of the tricks used by the residents to make us believe we have arrived to Majorca–let alone all the typical Majorcan last names that are displayed in the people’s IDs.

And you may wonder why is everything so related to Majorca in Tarbena? Here is why: in 1609, when the Moors were expelled from The Iberian Peninsula, Tarbena, a little town of Arab origin, became pretty much deserted and its crops unused, therefore they turned to Majorca in search of farmers to reoccupy their fertile properties. A lot of families from Santa Margalida arrived and, to this day, their offspring remain in Alicante, leaving their cultural features in this territory.

This town’s charm is very unique and its location unbeatable. In the interior, a little far away from over exploitation suffered in many coastal places, yet pretty accessible to them, you are invited to get to this awesome place in Alicante, completely in the wild. You will be able to taste authenticity, as well as the Majorcan sausage.