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Lisbon is a city with that certain something that makes all visitors fall in love with it. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit this Portuguese city, you’re probably hoping to go back one day, and if you’ve never been, you should definitely add Lisbon to your list of future travel destinations. 


The most popular means of transport amongst tourists for moving around Lisbon is booking a rent-a-car. Being able to rent a car as soon as you land at Humberto Delgado Airport, also known as the Lisbon or Portela Airport, means that you can start exploring Lisbon straight away. 


Top places to visit in Lisbon in 4 days 


  • Costa da Caparica. Visit the best beaches in Lisbon by car. Make the most of the good weather in Lisbon and visit some of the beaches that are perfect for thrill seekers: Praia da Bela Vista, Praia 19, Praia da Adiça, or the best surf spots: Praia de São João, Praia Nova, Tarquínio-Paraíso, Praia da Saúde; or choose a family beach: Praia de Fonte da Telha. 


  • Monastery of Saint Jerome in Lisbon A fascinating cultural visit of great architectural and historical value. The Monastery of Saint Jerome is located in Santa María de Belém, a former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome, in the Belém neighbourhood. 


  • Palacio da Pena. One of the many palaces you can visit in Sintra. The one excursion you won’t want to miss when you spend four days in Lisbon is a trip to Sintra. 


  • Visit Cascais: the local market of Cascais; the Nossa Senhora da Luz Fortress; Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum; Boca do Inferno or, at least, the old quarter of Cascais, full of narrow streets and white houses decorated with traditional local tiles. 


  • Spend a day in Estoril strolling along its promenade or through the Jardins do Casino, and admire the villas on the seafront, such as Chalet Barros, which have become an icon of Estoril. 


In addition to the above, the historic centre of the city of Lisbon also offers plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace; explore the city’s numerous terraces and cafes while take in a local fado performance, for example. 

As we said at the beginning of this article: Lisbon is a city that leaves a lasting impression, a place you will be more than pleased to visit again. 

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