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Right now, the end date of the COVID-19 pandemic is not known. That is why we keep asking ourselves whether we can pursue those hobbies and interests that we so desperately need to do in our free time. The same goes for travelling, and one of the questions people are asking the most is whether it is safe to travel during COVID. 

Questions such as: Can I travel abroad during COVID? What regions in Spain can I travel to? Is it possible to travel abroad from Spain? Can I travel to Spain if I live abroad? Or, above all, being confident of whether it is really safe to travel during COVID, is one of those questions that you have probably asked yourself at some point lately. 

The reality, and experience gained over the last few months, tells us how important it is to stay informed on the latest and breaking coronavirus news to get some idea of the opportunities we have when preparing for and taking a trip. 

We need to be aware that, as of now, just as even the most everyday aspects of our lives have changed and we are learning to do things differently, so too has everything involved in preparing for and taking a trip. This does not mean that it’s not possible to travel or that it is not safe to travel, quite the opposite, it’s that you have to prepare for it in another way and always be well informed. 

The first step is to follow the basic rules recommended by the health authorities: wear a mask and keep your hands clean at all times, as well as stay informed through public websites such as the WHO, Foreign Office or Ministry of Health to have up-to-date information on each country or each region, and therefore know how to proceed and act when travelling to that destination. 

Once you have absorbed this, you will discover that the answer to that question is: yes, it is safe to travel during COVID, but to do this, you need to research, recognise and follow the advice and recommendations for each country, or each region that you want to travel to. And therefore it also depends on how you want to travel, when you want to travel and where you want to travel. 


Car Rental safe


Travelling safely during COVID: choosing transport


Car rental is one of the most recommended, requested and sought-after transport options for travelling and moving around tourist destinations. Travelling by car during the current COVID situation has become the safest option you have for your trips, since you will discover advantages and benefits that other means of transport don’t have: 

  • You avoid crowds, travelling alone or with whoever you want: your family, your friends… 
  • You will have total flexibility and freedom. Go where you want, when you want, without the need to use other means of transport. 
  • You can rent the exact car you need. At Record go you can choose the type of vehicle which best suits you from our extensive fleet. 

Choose the days when you will need the vehicle and book your car rental with a discount, no hidden charges or surprises and with the option of not having to leave a deposit or excess. 

What’s more, all our vehicles and branches follow rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols, which is why car rental has become one of the safest means of transport for those wishing to travel. To do this, at Record go, we’ve launched the Go Safe plan at all our branches with the aim of offering our customers the safest transport option. To do this, we’ve reinforced the standard cleaning processes of our rental cars to the highest standard and following disinfection protocols. 


Is it safe to fly during COVID?


As long as you stay informed and follow the health authorities’ recommendations when flying, yes, it is.  

In order to avoid risks, it is essential to follow the procedural instructions of the airport staff or the airline you are travelling with at all times. Even so, it should be noted that, for more peace of mind and safety, catering has been removed on many flights and, in order to ensure that flying is safe, it is recommended that movement inside the aircraft be kept to a minimum. What’s more, it is mandatory to wear a mask and it may only be removed to quickly eat or drink, if this is permitted by the airline and on that particular flight.  

Planes are also equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which absorb 99% of the microbes that may be in the air. And most airlines take their passengers’ temperature before boarding to increase the safety of the journey even further. 


Take out travel insurance: another measure to consider


Since we are living in a period of constant change, the best thing to do is to take out travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for any unexpected event. Most insurance companies are already taking these changes into account, but it is important to check and research in advance all clauses and conditions that are included in your travel insurance so that you can travel with extra peace of mind. 

Do you still have questions? 


Travel, beaches and outdoor activities


More frequently asked questions about whether it is safe to travel during COVID 


Is it necessary to have a PCR test before travelling? 

It all depends on the destination you want to travel to. That is why it is important to get information from the official sources of each country or each region or municipality (e.g. on the official websites that we have recommended above) which specify the concrete measures which must be followed, especially if you are planning to cross borders or travel abroad. 

Is it safer to travel in Spain than in another country? 

At this time, if you live in Spain, travelling within the country will always be more comfortable and relaxed, especially if you are going to travel by car, as this will provide you with more security, peace of mind and flexibility. And it’s easier for you to act on the new recommendations more quickly and correctly, in case of an unexpected event. 

What activities are safer when travelling during COVID? 

The health authorities especially recommend outdoor activities. Those activities or trips where contact with nature and open spaces takes precedence: beaches, mountains, hiking etc. And these are much safer plans if enjoyed on your own or in small groups as a family, where contact with other groups of people is minimised or crowds are avoided 

As you have seen, travelling is still safe if you follow all the recommendations of health and official authorities, as well as the up-to-date information on the destination where you want to travel. 

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