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Do not be fooled by those hating friends or brothers-in-law who assure you that visiting Seville in the summertime is not compatible with life. Just disregards the heat waves you hear on the news in Andalusia, we all know that that is just a bunch of LIES. All of those lies are meant to make those uncomfortable elevator conversations more bearable. Visiting Seville in the summertime without sweating is possible and we are going to prove it to you all in this post, get up from your couch and start packing head over to this amazing Andalusian city!


As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

They say often time on TV that breakfast is the most important meal or the day and, in Seville, this is no exception. Remember that, from the very moment you put a foot on the ground while in Seville, you go from being a regular individual to a tourist. From this moment on, you definitely are going to need some energy from some toast with a little olive oil and some Iberian ham in order to take your selfies through the whole city without passing out.


If you want to enjoy a typical breakfast from Seville at a terrace, you are going to need to wake up early in the morning, just face it, because after 9:30am, the question “would you like to sit inside or outside?” seems like a joke.


The last man standing

Once you have had your breakfast, just head back to your hotel room, as swift as possible! Do not let the heat catch you trying to decide where to go. You might as well plan your morning itinerary at air-conditioned hotel room or lobby, or else you will end up letting yourself getting carried away by the desperation and making a decision you can regret later on, namely, catching a tourist bus or buying the first fan you see at a souvenir shop. Do not rush when trying to make up your mind because you might lose the little dignity left on you after hopping on a tourist bus. There are lots of fans that are worth your money waiting for you in Seville; you just ought to search for it.


We are sorry to break this for you but, during the daylight, you will have to just SURVIVE. Some interesting places to seek refuge from the heat in the morning, until the lunch time could very well be the Real Alcazar, the Cathedral of Seville and La Giralda. Just watch be careful with the gardens of the Alcazar because they are a double-edge sword. These gardens can be an ideal spot to THAT ONE PICTURE that will become your profile picture but there will not always be shadows where you can hide from the sizzling sun. Sooner than you think, you will find yourself sweating as you will ever do. At the end of the day, you know darn well that no one will ever like a picture of you looking like a tourist with a whole bunch of dark shadows in your face—provoked by the sun. You will look like a panda bear with a hangover.


We do suggest you to contract a tourist guide or check out the information on your very smart phone whenever you encounter an interesting place. Remember that is not only about the building’s exterior beauty but the stories hidden on its walls. This all seems very deep, but it is true. Besides, the longer you stay at the monuments, the less time you will spend away from the blazing sun’—pure mathematics.

Enjoy the siesta!

Once you get done eating as many “little soldiers of pavia” (typical cod dish from Madrid), gazpacho and fried fish, you might as well think about heading back to your hotel room—always trying to stay away from the sun. This is a moment of maximum downturn and you will have to be extra careful, otherwise you might end up voicing negative thoughts related to high temperatures that will make you become the official trip’s moaner, and nobody wants to be that one person, that is why you have to be psychologically prepared.


A pretty useful tip that usually works is visualizing your hotel room, cool and comfortable. You might also want to share aloud all the things you want to do once you get at your hotel. This whole ordeal will be smoother in your way from the restaurant to the hotel. If the heat takes over you and you want the whole world know what your thoughts are regarding the weather in a respectful fashion; just make sure to get to the closest bar’s water nebulizer.

Recovering the will to live

If you were successful surviving this tough day, here is your reward! Get dressed with your best garments (it is okay if they are all wrinkled up, it is a sign of identity of a tourist) and jump in and enjoy the nightlife of Seville.


If you are into a more laidback mood, we suggest you to visit the Museum of Flamenco Dance, where apart from discovering the history of flamenco through exhibits, as well as enjoying a flamenco show live. Also, we do suggest the Ciclo de Cine de Verano (Summer Film Series) that is held by the local government of the city at the council’s patio. This is a always about current movies of proven quality. If you are looking for party, do not look much further because Seville is like the heat: you always end up finding you!




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