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Go Safe Plan: Choose a hire car to move around safely

At Record go, we’ve launched the Go Safe plan at all our branches with the aim of offering our customers the safest transport option. To do this, we’ve reinforced the standard cleaning processes of our rental cars to the highest standard and following disinfection.

Vehicle cleaning and disinfection

All the cars are meticulously cleaned before and after every rental. 

  • We disinfect the interior, paying special attention to the following parts: steering wheel, indicators, dashboard, handles, entertainment system controls, cup holders, centre console and door handles.
  • We carry out a final interior disinfection, with the doors closed and the engine running. In this way, the particles penetrate every crevice of the car and the air ventilation ducts.
  • We disinfect the exterior, paying special attention to critical areas like handles, doors and the boot.
  • We seal and certify the vehicle, disinfect the key and leave it ready for the next customer.

Safe vehicle collection and return

  • We control the maximum capacity of branches.
  • We provide our customers with hand sanitiser and masks.
  • We disinfect the key with hydroalcoholic gel on the spot.
  • We digitalise the rental contract to avoid unnecessary contact (it can also be printed if necessary).

Is it safe to use the Shuttle bus? 

Yes, we’ve reinforced the hygiene processes on our buses by applying exhaustive cleaning protocols. 

  • We’ve installed protective screens on each row.
  • We offer hand sanitiser, gloves and masks before boarding.
  • In order to avoid crowds, we guarantee that the safe social distance between passengers will be respected.

We guarantee the safety of our employees.

Our staff, who check their temperature when starting their working day, have regulation PPE in order to carry out their activities in safe conditions and, as an extra protective measure, we’ve provided protective screens at our branch counters.

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