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Valencia is one of those Mediterranean capitals that invite you to discover it through its mixture of culture, history and art.   

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All the things you cannot miss during your visit to Valencia  



City of Arts and Sciences

An icon of contemporary architecture that seems to be taken from the near future. This complex, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, is home to a series of impressive structures such as the Hemisfèric, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and the Oceanogràfic. The ideal place for the whole family to immerse themselves in a world of science, art and entertainment.  

Ciudad de las Artes y la Ciencia




Valencia Central Market

The beating heart of Valencian gastronomy. Let yourself be seduced by the explosion of colours and aromas in this century-old market, where the stalls are brimming with fresh produce and local delicacies. From exotic fruits to aromatic spices and top quality fresh food.  

Mercado Central Valencia




Serranos Towers

These majestic towers, which are part of the ancient city walls, offer an incomparable panoramic view of Valencia. If you go up the stone staircases, you will be able to contemplate the city from the top, connecting with its glorious past while enjoying the present.  

Torres de Serranos Valencia





The Silk Exchange

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Gothic building is a living testimony to the commercial splendour of Valencia in times gone by. Admire its imposing architecture and immerse yourself in the history of silk, a trade that shaped the city and left an indelible mark.  

La Lonja de la Seda en Valencia




Turia Garden

An oasis of greenery and serenity in the middle of the city. This garden, which follows the old course of the Turia River, offers the perfect place to relax, play sports or simply stroll around. Its extensive gardens, picturesque bridges and recreational areas make it an ideal place to disconnect from the urban hustle and bustle.  

Jardín del Turia, Valencia


As you can see, every corner of Valencia tells a story, both of the city’s past and present. And, without a doubt, it is the perfect way to discover its essence. Valencia awaits you with open arms to show you all its charm.   



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