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In our article on the best carnivals in Spain, the Tenerife carnival takes pride of place. Every year, many Tenerife locals and visitors alike get swept up in the tradition and joy that is contagious at the Tenerife Carnival.  


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From the Record go Mobility blog we list some of the attractions of the Tenerife Carnival, which we hope will be enough to make you decide to visit the island during Carnival time!  




Everything to enjoy during the Tenerife Carnival  




Spectacular costumes and parades full of colour and creativity  


The Tenerife Carnival is famous for its elaborate costumes and energetic parades. The atmosphere is filled with bright colours, lively music and an explosion of creativity that transforms the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife into a dreamlike setting. The costume competition is fierce, and participants spend months of planning and execution to create stunning costumes that dazzle both locals and strangers alike.  


The Carnival Queen and her Maids of Honour  


One of the highlights of Carnival is the election of the Queen, an event that attracts thousands of spectators. The candidates compete in extravagant costumes and impressive choreography, showcasing the artistic richness and ingenuity of the community. The Carnival Queen, along with her Maids of Honour, become the ambassadors of the celebration, carrying the essence of Carnival with them throughout the year.  


Grand Parades: A spectacle of colour and music  


The Tenerife Carnival parades are an unforgettable spectacle. Giant floats, vibrant troupes and infectious music bring the streets of the city to life. The participants, dressed in flamboyant costumes, dance to the rhythm of the music, creating a festive atmosphere that invites everyone to join in the fun. The energy and joy is palpable, making every spectator join in the celebration with enthusiasm.  


Party and entertainment in the street  


The Tenerife Carnival is not limited to parades. The streets come alive with a series of events and parties that last all night long. From live concerts to street performances, the entertainment on offer is varied and exciting. Visitors have the opportunity to experience Canarian hospitality while enjoying music and dance in a festive atmosphere.  


Canarian gastronomy and a burst of flavours  


The Carnival celebration is also an opportunity to indulge in the delicious local gastronomy. Restaurants and street stalls offer a wide variety of Canarian dishes, from papas arrugadas con mojo (wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce) to fresh fish and artisan cheeses. The authentic flavours of Tenerife perfectly complement the carnival experience.  



As you can see, the Tenerife Carnival is much more than a celebration; it is a unique experience where tradition, music, joy and creativity fill every corner of the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. So, if you’re looking for a getaway full of colour and excitement, the Tenerife Carnival awaits you with open arms – join the party and immerse yourself in the magic that makes this event an unforgettable experience!  




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