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Greece, considered the cradle of Western civilisation, is a country that dazzles everyone who visits it thanks to its rich millenary history and its mixture of an impressive architectural legacy and natural Mediterranean landscapes.

In our series of discovering the countries where Record go Mobility is located, we approach Greece through some of its most emblematic monuments.

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Get to know Greece through… Its monuments



Delphi: The Oracle of Apollo

Our journey begins at Delphi, the site of one of the most famous oracles of ancient Greece. Surrounded by impressive mountains and a rugged landscape, Delphi is a place of natural and spiritual beauty. Here, you can explore the Temple of Apollo, where the ancient Greeks went to seek answers to their most important questions. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Gulf of Corinth from the top and marvel at the Theatre of Delphi, an ancient amphitheatre with exceptional acoustics.

Delfos, Oráculo de Apolo


Meteora: Monasteries on High

From Delphi, we head to Meteora, a gravity-defying architectural marvel. Here, Christian monasteries sit atop sandstone pillars soaring skyward. The majesty of the monasteries suspended in the air is a sight you will never forget. You can visit some of these monasteries, explore their frescoes and feel the serenity of this unique place in the world.

Meteora, Grecia


Acropolis of Athens: The Jewel of the City

Our next destination is the Acropolis of Athens, an emblem of Greek civilisation. Here, you will immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient Athens as you explore the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. The Acropolis will offer you a panoramic view of the modern city of Athens and take you back in time to appreciate the splendour of ancient Greece.

Acrópolis de Atenas


Epidaurus Theatre: Echoes of Antiquity

Leaving Athens, we head to the Epidaurus Theatre, an architectural gem that has endured through the centuries. This ancient theatre is famous for its amazing acoustics and its capacity to hold thousands of spectators. Although the original building dates back to the 4th century BC, the theatre is still an impressive venue for performances even today – imagine yourself enjoying a play or concert on this historic stage!

Teatro Epidauro Grecia


Parthenon: The Heart of Athens

Our tour culminates at the Parthenon, Greece’s most iconic monument and a symbol of democracy and Western culture. Located on the Acropolis of Athens, this temple dedicated to Athena is a testament to the architectural mastery of ancient Greece. Explore its impressive architecture and gaze at the sculptures and friezes that tell stories of Greek mythology.



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