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Car Hire 9-seater Mallorca

Dreaming about your holidays? It’s time to stop dreaming! Summer is getting closer and closer, and it's time to get things ready for your trip. We’re here to help you! 

Whether you’re thinking of the beach or the mountains, the countryside or the city, we know that the favourite destination you have in mind that combines the two worlds is, without a doubt, Mallorca.
Yes! Because Mallorca is an island with a lot to offer its visitors, we’re more than sure that you’re looking forward to visiting it with your group of friends.  

Which is why we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to finish planning your trip. Starting by hiring a cheap car in Mallorca. Are you going to risk missing out? 

Conditions for hiring a 9-seater car in Mallorca

Who said anything about “conditions”?

If you’re tired of ifs and buts and small print when hiring a car for your holidays, we understand you! That is why with Record go there are no conditions that apply to hiring 9 seater cars in Mallorca, because we know there’s nothing better than travelling with all your friends as long as you can do it worry free . Therefore, for hiring your 9 seater car in Mallorca we make it easy for you. Visit our website, discover the fleet of vehicles we have ready for you, and just make your booking! 

How to access in order to hire a 9-seater car in Mallorca

If, on the other hand, you prefer to book your hire car once you arrive at your destination, no problem! If you want to know where to hire a 9-seater car in Mallorca, you’ll find us when you get off the plane, in the airport itself. Follow the airport signs that take you to our office, and once there we’ll attend to you in order to provide you with the perfect car for your trip.  

Hiring a 9-seater car in Mallorca: the best way to travel in a group

Yet should you have any doubts about whether hiring a 9-seater car in Mallorca is the best option for you, we’ll explain some of its advantages:  

  1. You can move around in your destination worry free, knowing that your car has the most suitable cover for your trip.
  2. You’ll enjoy your trip with the people you want. Without a doubt, in the best company possible.
  3. You can move around all together, which helps to make the most of your time on a trip.
  4. You can share the costs of hiring the vehicle and the fuel. Much cheaper, right?
  5. And you’re sure to end up with as many anecdotes about the experiences on the trip as about the journeys between the points on your itinerary. An unforgettable experience!


What to see on my trip to Mallorca with my 9-seater hire car?

If you think that Mallorca will limit you on visiting the island with your 9-seater car, don’t worry! 
Mallorca is an island that’s very used to receiving visitors with all kinds of vehicles, many of them even bigger than your 9-seater car; such as caravans, motor homes, etc.  
By hiring a 9-seater car in Mallorca you can discover all the nooks and crannies on the island that you want to, since it’s not just about getting to know the city of Palma, but also all the natural charm that Mallorca hides in its neighbouring regions. Which do you want to see?  
In case you’re still not sure, we’ll leave you with some of our favourite places in Mallorca. Be sure not to miss them!  

  1. Palma old town, like something out of a mediaeval film.
  2. Palma cathedral, a Gothic gem.
  3. Jaume II’s Castell de Bellver.
  4. The city of Pollença and its Roman heritage.
  5. The municipality of Andrax and its coves, cliffs and islets.
  6. The town of Sóller, where the beach blends in with the mountain, and where excursions and nature activities are the order of the day.
  7. The internationally-recognised Serra de Tramuntana.
  8. And, of course, the island’s many beaches and also its cuisine.

Don’t miss a single one of the beautiful spots that Mallorca conceals. Visit all its towns, its capital and its beaches, and sample its cuisine.  
Ready? It's time to finalise the details of your trip. Book your 9-seater car with Record go.  
We’ll see you soon! 

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