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Hiring a small car in Mallorca, the best choice for getting around freely! 

If you’re thinking of travelling to Mallorca on your holidays, either with your partner or alone, we recommend you look into the possibility of hiring a small car in Mallorca. Why? Because there’s no better way to travel and get to know the island when you’re going with just a few fellow travellers, than with a small car that allows you to move freely, that’s incredibly easy to park, and so on.  
Keep reading if you want to discover more advantages of hiring a small car in Mallorca! 


Why is hiring a small car in Mallorca the best option for me?

Because if you’re travelling alone or accompanied by a small number of people, you’ll see that holidaying with a small car will allow you to:  

  • Move about with greater freedom.
  • Move smoothly between the points of interest on your itinerary.
  • Park anywhere you want to visit, with no problems.
  • Travel at your own pace.

Bear in mind that Mallorca is a tourist island that has a lot of visitors, and more now in summer, so it’s worth being practical, but without giving up the comforts we all want to have on our holidays, such as the freedom to travel and discover things at our own pace. Which is why car hire in Mallorca airport is the best choice for you, because it will allow you to continue with your travel routine your way, without complications, queues, or traffic jams. Are you going to risk missing out on it? 


How do I book my small hire car in Mallorca? 

With Record go booking your small hire car in Mallorca won’t be a problem, since we give you several options:  

  • Book your hire vehicle via our website.
  • Book your hire vehicle via our call centre.
  • Book your hire vehicle at the counter in our offices in Palma de Mallorca.

Whichever booking option you opt for, you can choose the conditions, extras and rates that best suit your needs and those of your trip, but you can also choose the type of vehicle you want for your holiday. You’ll see we have a wide range of vehicles available for hiring in Mallorca, so you can choose the style of car you prefer — small, medium, SUV, van or people carrier — to ensure that when you pick the vehicle up it’s within the range you chose. 


Where can I hire my small car in Mallorca with Record go?

Whether you’ve already made your booking or not, you can carry out or complete the process in our office in Palma de Mallorca. If you follow our directions you’ll find our offices inside the airport, where one of our colleagues will attend to you when your turn comes, and will inform you about all the conditions, benefits and special offers for hiring a small car in Mallorca.  
Once you’ve been seen to, you’ll be told how to get to the car park to pick up your small vehicle and you can start your holiday with us. 


Why is hiring a small car in Mallorca with Record go my best option? 

Because at Record go we strive every day to make your travel experience more pleasant and relaxing. Because our whole team will help you with the process of hiring a small car in Mallorca and will tell you everything you need to know, so there are no surprises. Because we have a large fleet of vehicles at our branches, including small vehicles that adapt to your requirements and to those of your trip. Because we have years of experience in the sector. And because we offer you the best guarantees and rates for hiring small cars, and not so small ones, in Mallorca.  
Get to know us a little more and discover everything we have to offer you in hiring vehicles for your holidays, getaways and trips of all kinds!  


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