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Feria de Abril 2020

What is the Feria de Abril? 

The Feria de Abril (April Fair) is a festival that is celebrated annually in the city of Seville (Spain) and that attracts thousands of tourists year after year.  
The Feria de Abril is a synthesis of the Andalusian culture, a living example of the essence of its people, its joy and its art. It is without doubt the best occasion get to know Andalusia and its culture. 
The Feria de Abril is part of the Spring Festival programme in Seville, where it plays a leading role together with the celebration of Holy Week and the bullfighting festivities. This is why we rarely find specific posters for the Feria de Abril, but rather that their official posters always include the programming for all the Spring Festivals. 
The Feria de Sevilla has been recognized as a Festival of International Tourist Interest, so tourists from around the world flock there every year to enjoy the experience of being a Sevillian for a few days. 
Why is the Feria de Abril so well known? 

The Feria de Abril is known internationally for its character and its great personality. It’s a unique festival where tradition, colour, gaiety and good atmosphere are more than jus leading features. A celebration full of music, horses, bulls, etc., in which the sevillanas, the ritual of the pescaíto, the alumbrao and the rebujito stand out above all else. In addition, at the Feria de Sevilla, the Real is decked out with more than 1,000 typical booths, with their green and red-and-white striped canvas, lace curtains with ruffles and wooden furniture, which add a great deal of Sevillian colour and identity to the Feria de Abril, and that make the Real a micro-city worth visiting.  
The Feria de Sevilla is an Andalusian tradition in its purest form, and the date of the Fair is a few days marked in red for every curious tourist wanting to know more about the culture of southern Spain.   
What goes on in the Feria de Abril? 

There are a great many activities that can be found at Seville’s Feria de Abril, from the most traditional to the most up-to-date and modern. This year the Feria de Sevilla will include: 
  • The famous alumbrao
  • Over 1,000 booths at which to eat and drink the famous rebujito
  • The street known as Calle del Infierno, with more than 64,000 square metres of attractions, circus and other fairground stalls. 
  • Bullfights in the Real Maestranza bullring. 
  • Fireworks and a great deal more. 
Date of the Feria de Abril 2019. 

This year the date of the Feria de Abril has a particular feature, since it will not be in the month of April. It’s the third time since 2011 that this has happened. But what does the date of the Feria depend on? Establishing the date of the Feria de Abril depends on the date of Holy Week. Seville City Council always leaves a margin of two weeks between the celebration of Holy Week and the Feria de Abril, for better organisation and public safety. Thus, this year, 2019, the date of the Feria will be from May 5th to 11th.  
Are you going to miss it out? 
Visit the Feria de Abril with Record go. 

Don’t miss out the opportunity of celebrating the Seville Feria de Abril this 2019. Travel there and surround yourself with the great atmosphere, the colour, and the art of sevillanas, and of course, get involved in their culture while dressed as a Sevillian. An experience of total immersion in one of our country’s most popular tourist festivals. Don’t miss it out! Move around Seville with us. Discover all the special offers we have for you on our website.  

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