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Car hire a family car in Mallorca

Thinking of enjoying your holiday to Mallorca with your family? Then get ready, because at Record go we have the best deals for hiring a family car in Mallorca! Like to find out more? Then read on! 
Your holidays have finally arrived and you’re looking forward to enjoying them with the people you love most: your family. It’s time to make sure all the preparations and the logistics for your trip are ready. Therefore, after buying the tickets for your flight and getting your travel itinerary sorted, the question arises: should I consider hiring a family car in Mallorca?  
At Record go we think there’s no better way to enjoy your holiday trip than with a vehicle of your own that gives you the freedom to move around at your own pace and according to your own timetable - something even more important when you’re travelling as a family. But you may be wondering: won't hiring a family car in Mallorca make my trip too expensive? Of course not! You just have to know who to hire with and what rate suits you best. Also, if you travel with Record go you’ll have great discounts that will make hiring a car in Mallorca Airport an additional complement to your trip. Are you going to miss out on them? 


Car hire a family car in Mallorca: why choose a family car?

When we travel as a family, we always try to do so in a way that’s as comfortable as possible for each family member. So what better way to do it than with a family vehicle? 
Car hire a family car in Mallorca will allow you to travel calmly and comfortably with your family. With it you’ll enjoy more space and all the benefits that implies: greater luggage loading capacity, greater comfort, greater convenience, etc. In addition, Car hire a family car in Mallorca with Record go doesn’t limit your itinerary. We want you to travel the whole island, from end to end, with your family, so we make it easy for you. In addition, travelling with a family vehicle on the island won’t cause you any problems. Its streets and roads are perfectly equipped to handle the millions of visitors who land there to discover it every year. Therefore, if the island itself doesn’t set limits, why would we impose them on you? 


Where to visit when hiring a family car in Mallorca

Your family holiday in Mallorca can be unforgettable! Tour the island with your little ones and be sure to enjoy the most exciting places and activities to take in with children:  

  • Nature trips with the family.

From nature reserves to mountain routes (adapted for children), and thousands of other alternatives, are waiting for you and your family in Mallorca.   

  • Routes that take in castles and the most emblematic places.

Mallorca is full of monuments and castles with a great deal of history and identity. Perfect places to discover and soak up the origins of the island.   

  • Visits to the most impressive theme parks.

Zoological parks, aquariums, haunted houses, fun rides, etc. Mallorca is full of these. Magical places where you can get close to nature and wildlife in a different way. Discover, learn and have fun as a family.   

  • Discover the Islet of Cabrera.

One of the most recommended activities on the island. An impressive tour of an islet declared a protected natural site, and that consequently preserves 100% of its natural character. Impressive!  

  • And of course tour its beaches with their crystal clear waters.

A little cliché perhaps, but certainly an activity on your trip that every member of the family will love. We recommend you take along or hire your own snorkelling equipment. One of the most wonderful activities to practise as a family on Mallorca’s beaches with their crystal clear waters. Discover all their marine fauna and flora! 
Enjoying nature as a family is priceless, as is having fun while learning. Mallorca is the ideal destination for your holiday, and hiring a family car in Mallorca is the most practical option for discovering everything that the island has hidden away for you on your trip.  


Car hire a family car in Mallorca with Record go

Travel with Record go and you’ll discover all the deals we’ve prepared for hiring a family car in Mallorca on your holiday. In addition, by browsing our website you can see all the family vehicles we have available for you, as well as the rates and types of cover.  
Browse, discover and book your family car hire in Mallorca. 
We’re waiting to hear from you! 


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