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Car hire premium range cars. Top quality and comfort at the best price!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy all their holidays with every possible luxury? Travel in a luxury car with all its comforts... Enjoy your driving while the summer sun reflects on your sunglasses, why not? While feeling the summer breeze caressing you our skin. What a good feeling! 
If this is what you’re looking for on your holiday too, we’ve got good news for you! At Record go we’ve expanded our fleet of premium vehicles so you can enjoy your getaway in style, with the highest quality and comfort at the best price.  
We’ll tell you more about car hire premium range cars with  Record go! 


Hiring premium range cars at the best price?

Of course! At Record go we know that we all want to book a hire vehicle with the safety and guarantee —and, of course, the satisfaction— that a premium range car offers, which is why we’ve prepared the best rates in premium car hire for you, because the day to day grind has to have its reward, and there’s nothing better for that than to pamper yourself during the holidays. So if you’re thinking about hiring a car for your next trip, task yourself: why should I settle for hiring just any car? Why not think about hiring a premium range car? 
Because at Record go we’re expanding our fleet to offer our customers a quality bonus in hiring luxury cars. Are you going to risk missing out on it? 


How can I book my luxury hire car?

It’s very simple! With Record go you can book your premium vehicles in the same way as you would with any other car: via the website or at one of our offices.

We have car hire locations in Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Malaga and also in Ibiza and Mallorca, so hiring your car, whatever the destination you choose, won’t be a problem. But, now that you’re here, we invite you to browse through our website, because here you’ll find all the information you need for premium car hire, from the vehicle hire fleet to the prices, types of cover and special offers. Discover all the services we’ve prepared for you, according to destination. Now, you also have the possibility to rent a Lexus and enjoy the advantages of driving a premium hybrid.
Let Record go win you over, and add a PLUS (in capital letters) to your holidays with luxury car hire


Where to travel with my premium range car?

If you’ve already decided to travel in style on your holiday with your premium car, but still don’t know where to go, don’t worry! Because your luxury car isn’t going to limit your trip and neither are we. Holidays are for enjoying to the maximum and without a care in the world. Which is why we offer you the best prices, including luxury car hire, so you don’t need to worry about anything else except enjoying your holidays to the fullest. Because we know that you like to drive and we know you love the best vehicles, don’t worry! Just relax while driving a premium range car in the summer sun. What could be better than that? 
Here you can access all the information you need about hiring your car.
Just enter the dates and the desired destination in our search engine to check our fleet of vehicles, rates and types of cover that we’ve prepared for you for hiring a premium range car.  
Be sure not to miss out on them!



Car hire in the main airports of Spain and Portugal

Unlimited mileage

Your car hire with no limits

Airport offices

In Ibiza, Valencia and Sevilla: free shuttle service.

Free cancellation 

Up to 24 hours in advance for fees that admit cancellations

10% additional discount
on all your bookings
when you register in the Record go Club