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Book your van hire at Ibiza Airport     


Book your van hire at Record go at the cheapest price and pick it up at our office next to Ibiza airport.   

Now you can rent a van on the island of Ibiza for as long as you need it. Do you need to rent a commercial vehicle in Ibiza for a day, for several days or for weeks? With Record go you only have to choose the model of van that best suits your needs and book online in less than a minute.   



Advantages of renting a van with Record go near Ibiza airport  



  • No intermediaries. Rent your van in Ibiza through our website. Our vans are from our own fleet and have the Record go guarantee, with more than 15 years of experience providing mobility solutions.
  • Express collection. No queuing and no waiting with our customer service. Pick up your rental van at our office near Ibiza Airport,
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the pick-up date.
  • Total Comfort Cover. The most complete coverage with Basic roadside assistance at the most economical price to guarantee maximum peace of mind and comfort in your van rental.



Take advantage of discounts and special offers on van hire in Ibiza.  


Take advantage of the discounts and special offers on van hire that we have prepared for you at Record go Ibiza and make the most of your commercial vehicle or your van for removals. The best price on van hire near Ibiza airport can be found here, and in a quick and easy way, your van hire is just a click away!     


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