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At Record go we make things easy for you: Hiring a car in Malaga without a credit card.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Malaga on your summer holidays, and decide that hiring a car will be the best option for getting about with your family or friends, at Record go we make it even easier with the possibility of car hire in Malaga without a credit card.  
Because we know that credit cards are not the order of the day in every home, and that many prefer not to use them on an everyday basis due to banking commissions, then why not take advantage of a car hire service that can be contracted with a debit card? 
Hiring a car in Malaga without a credit card is an alternative that not all car hire companies offer, but one that Record go offers in an effort to make hiring vehicles more accessible.  

Why is it easier for me to hire a car in Malaga without a credit card?

Simple! Because it allows you to make the booking using the card you have associated with your checking account, and doesn’t oblige you to open a credit account and the financial obligations this entails, only because you’re limited when making bookings with your regular debit card.  

The new generation of features when car hire in Malaga without a credit card

With your debit card you can contract the car hire service without limitations. All the features and types of cover that we offer you can be contracted with your debit card.  
Alternatively, if you have a credit card and you prefer to pay with it, no problem! Because with Record go you can book your hire car with it as well, only with the small condition of contracting the Total Comfort coverage with all its advantages, so that you’re fully covered against any unexpected incident on your trip.  

Advantages of hiring a car in Malaga without a credit card with Record go

At Record go we make it a little easier for you every day, so that preparing your vacation is very straightforward and you have to worry about as few things as possible, thereby ensuring a quiet holiday, just like you deserve . That's why, should you prefer to hire with your credit or debit card, with us you can.  
Make your booking the way you find most convenient (website, phone or counter), and whatever your choice you can choose the perfect vehicle for your trip from our extensive fleet, rates and types of cover.  
Whether you choose to hire a car in Malaga without a credit card or with a credit card, at Record go, we have a lots of benefits waiting for you. Be sure not to miss out on them! 

I’d like to book my hire car in Malaga without a credit card at the counter: Where can I find Record go?

Easy as pie! At Record go, we have vehicle hire offices at major traveller reception points, such as airports.  
If you’ve decided to hire a car in Malaga without a credit card with Record go, you’ll find us in Malaga airport . Our office is duly signposted in the airport departments, so it won’t be a problem for you to reach us.  
See you there! 


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