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What to see in Ronda with your hire car in Málaga 


Ronda is one of the most beautiful and most visited villages in Málaga. We’re talking about one of the most enchanting provinces in Spain, with so many places to discover. Without a doubt, Ronda is one of the essential places to visit. That’s why at Record go we’d like this to be one of your first destinations, once you’ve collected your hire car in Málaga Airport. So we make it easy for you and below we’ll show you what to do and see in Ronda. 

Firstly, you should know that Ronda is less than an hour and a half from Málaga by car and just a little further from Seville. So hire your vehicle at our branch in Málaga airport, or in Seville and you can put together your perfect getaway to visit Ronda and the surrounding area with all the flexibility and comfort that hiring a car provides. 


What to do and see in Ronda in one day: suggestions and points of interest


You can visit Ronda in one day. In order to get the most out of your break we’re going to give you some suggestions so you don’t miss anything in this village. 


  • Ronda Bullring: a historical symbol of Andalusia


Once you get out of your car and before starting to think about what to see in Ronda, you can go to the Tourist Information Office and then start your visit with one of the oldest and most visited sites of the place: Ronda Bullring.  

Considered by experts as one of the cradles of bullfighting, it’s an inspiring start to explore the cultural roots of Ronda more deeply. 


  • Walk through Plaza de la Merced and Alamada del Tajo


The best walk starts here. After visiting the Plaza de la Merced and its 16th century church, in the next visit of the route you’ll be able to walk through one of the most charming places in Ronda. The 19th-century boulevard which makes up the famous Alameda del Tajo acts as a prelude to the Paseo de los Ingleses, a road full of spectacular views. We’ll be able to contemplate the breathtaking cliffs of the Serranía de Ronda in all its glory from balconies and viewpoints. 


  • Puente Nuevo: emblem of the town of Ronda


Ronda’s Puente Nuevo is a symbol of Malaga and without a doubt, the city’s biggest symbol. It’s an essential visit and one of the best-loved monuments of the province. In addition to being able to delight us with views of the Tajo valley, its most important function is joining the Old Town of Ronda with the New Town. 

For this reason, the numerous viewpoints which exist around the municipality are ideal for taking the most impressive photos, always with Puente Nuevo in the background. 


  • Ronda Arabic baths: Muslim heritage in Andalusia


Without a doubt, one of the attractions which appears on any guide of what to see and do in Ronda. After crossing Puente Árabe, we can visit the Arabic baths which are considered the best conserved in Europe. 


Things to see in Ronda with children 


The flexibility that hiring a car gives you is a point in favour of going on a trip with whoever you like. Are you thinking about a family trip with children? No problem. At Record go we have a wide and renovated fleet of vehicles from which you’ll be able to choose the vehicle which best suits your needs.  

The best thing about exploring Málaga province with your car is the security of being able to plan the route according to your tastes and travelling only to the places you most feel like visiting. In this way you’ll ensure that the children will be able to enjoy the trip to the max, in a much more relaxed and leisurely way.  

Surely a tour to discover the mysteries and legends of Ronda will surprise the kids. But they’ll be equally surprised by exploring all the valley’s viewpoints, bridges and cliffs. 

Ronda is the ideal place to lose yourself. Surely we’ve awakened your interest for discovering one of the most beautiful cities in Spain with this ‘What to see in Ronda’. So you just have to book your hire car and begin to plan your break. 


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