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Cheap car hire in Málaga


If you’re planning your trip and looking for cheap car rental in Málaga, Record go rent a car offers a wide range of modern vehicles at the very best prices. 

Take advantage of our special offers and book your ideal rental car easily, simply and quickly. You can pick up your rental car as soon as you arrive at Málaga Airport, at the best price and with the best benefits and cover. There is no need to queue or wait, you can get going and start exploring Málaga as soon as possible. 


Get the cheapest car rental in Málaga 


Booking is transparent and simple, and we offer free cancellation. Book now to take advantage of our unique online offers. There is no downside. 

Car rental is currently one of the most popular forms of transport and most people’s favourite option for travelling. Not only does having your own car offer safety, comfort and peace of mind, allowing you and your companions to go wherever you like at your own pace, but there is also the price factor. You can now find the car that best suits your needs, at the most competitive prices. 


The best low-cost car rental offers in Málaga 


You can choose from a wide range of modern vehicles of all types: small cars, medium cars, crossovers, family cars, luxury cars, and many more. And all at the best prices. Rental cars with the best value for money in Málaga 


Travel safely and at the best price with your rental car 


With Total Comfort Cover, you won’t need to worry about anything other than just visiting all the unmissable sites in Málaga that you’ve planned for your trip. It is the most comprehensive cover on the market. You will have access to premium roadside assistance and will be covered against theft, accident damage and damage to tires, rims, mirrors, windows, locks, the aerial and the battery. 

What’s more, with express collection you won’t need to queue at the counter because you will have priority access to pick up your rental car straight away. Land at Málaga Airport, pick up your car and get going. 

With special discounts, cheap prices, the best features and no middlemen. Plan your trip to Málaga and book your hire car now. Save both time and money! 


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