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What to see in Ciutadella de Menorca: how to get there and what to visit with your hire car 


Arrive at Mahón Airport, collect your hire car in Menorca and you’ll want to start your trip across the island with a visit to Ciutadella. 

Ciutadella is surely the most beautiful village on the island. It brings together cultural and historic heritage, as well as the charm of Menorca: bougainvillea, white houses, narrow labyrinth-like streets, ports with anchored boats, heavenly coves, etc. 

In addition, the weather in Ciutadella is mild and great all year round, which makes it the ideal destination to visit on a weekend break. We tell you about everything you can see in Ciutadella! 


Trip through Ciutadella de Menorca: places you can’t miss seeing on the island 


We’ve already mentioned that rent-a-car in Menorca is the ideal choice for exploring the whole island at your own rhythm and without any kind of limits. So you can reach this Menorcan town easily just by getting off the plane and collecting the car. At least, this is the quickest and most direct option for visiting it. 


How to get to Ciutadella 


Ciutadella is a little more than 45 km from Mahón Airport, so going in your own rental car is the perfect choice and the most economical option, not only for arriving from Menorca Airport to Ciutadella, but also for going on a more complete and flexible trip around the whole island. 

  • Leave Menorca Airport (MAH) on the San Climent road.
  • Take direction Me-14.
  • Continue along Me-1.
  • Exit direction Ronda Sur/RC-2 to Ciutadella.


Places to visit in Ciutadella 


Some time ago, Ciutadella was the capital of Menorca, which is why it continues to be the village on the island with the most dignified air and the most historical and cultural heritage. 

For example, the origins of the construction of the current Port of Ciutadella date back to the Middle Ages. Without a doubt, it’s the first essential place to visit on your trip. If we continue climbing from the Port itself up the stairs accompanied by small shops we can arrive at the high part of Ciutadella. With this we access this part of the town and gain time without having to make detours. 


Trip through the old town of Ciutadella 


Once we’re in the high part of the city, the route through the old town of Ciutadella is an ideal tour to soak up the town’s intrinsic culture. El Firac or seasonal market; the Plaza de la Esplanada, its terraces and green spaces and, from there, direct to the 18th century by visiting the Castillo de San Nicolás and finishing by exploring the old town and the variety of façades and buildings from different ages which we’ll find along the way in the streets of Ciutadella. 

Since we can also find typical Menorcan houses like in Binibeca Vell, but fused with the architectural landscape with houses of other styles and more variety and historical and cultural richness. 

Likewise, other places of interest are the Gothic cathedral Santa María in Ciutadella or to walk through the small handicraft shops or where they sell the typical footwear of Menorca: espadrilles. A kind of sandal, made traditionally and with natural materials. 


What to eat in Ciutadella Where to eat and try the traditional Majorcan gastronomy 


  • In the Port of Ciutadella itself, in the Es Forat restaurant, you can try the famous lobster stew.
  • In Des Fort or La Payesa you’ll be able to try typical dishes of the island such as Menorcan lobster soup, cheese from Mahón, baked skate, or fish and seafood dishes among which those made with and accompanied by lobster (or llagosta) stand out, as well as the traditional cured meat, etc.
  • Café Balear, a typical Menorcan tavern with a long tradition on the island.


Ultimately, Menorca and, above all, Ciutadella is one of those destinations you have to visit and experience first-hand, being a perfect destination for a romantic weekend break or a family holiday. This certainly sounds tempting... What are you waiting for, prepare your trip to Ciutadella de Menorca! 


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